☆ We no longer can trust our mainstream media, which is why independent journalists such as myself are the new way to receive accurate information abo...View Details

Tom Marazzo, who was on the frontlines with me in Ottawa during the Trucker’s Convoy, joins me to discuss our tyrannical, fearless leader, Justin Trud...View Details

Dr. Michael Palmer is a Professor of Chemistry who was fired from the University of Waterloo, for failing to comply with the University’s COVID Mandat...View Details

252 - Dr. Peter Breggin

Dr. Peter Breggin is an American psychiatrist and has been a critic of psychiatric medication, shock treatment and the response to Covid-19. He joins ...View Details

On today's show, we’ll talk about how PM Trudeau is ramping up discrimination against Unvaccinated Canadians with a 3-year extension on travel bans. A...View Details

Pastor Kevin Cavanaugh is the newly appointed executive director of Free to Care; he has previously been the head pastor at the Cedar Grove Church in ...View Details

Dr. Bryan Ardis joins me today to discuss his most recent theories and findings regarding the Covid-19 vaccines. ☆ We no longer can trust our mainstre...View Details

Joseph Bourgault is a Saskatchewan business owner who will be running for Leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. As he has become more concer...View Details

Dr. Judy Mikovits joins me on the show today. She is a research scientist in the fields of immunology, epigenetics, and natural-products chemistry; AN...View Details

Indoctrination of Radical Gender Theory has been taking place in the Public Education System for far too long, and will continue to become a problem s...View Details

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